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CSG01BB : Colloidal Silver Generator, Bob Beck style 

Bob Beck was a brilliant scientist behind many "inventions" that he put into the public domain. Here you
will find a brief description of this unusual character

In his schematic of "Plant Growth Stimulator" (see this page), it "gives" his version of a colloidal silver
generator VERY SIMPLE - see diagram at right.

In a booklet entitled "A First Aid Kit of the Future The BECK PROTOCOL", it gives a description even easier
with its use: The lamp "wheat grain" 12V 55mA and resistance 150_Ohms, is replaced by a single lamp
24V 40mA, all still powered by 9V batteries 3.

For the nostalgic and small budgets, we mounted on a improvised printed circuit board, this latest
If you want to assemble yourself this version, the information given in this page will be welcome

From time to time, we will offer this version on the page: "Special offers"
If this assembly interest you, please, let us know.

BE AWARE: This generator does not have a constant current source, or an automatic stop, or a
choice of concentration, as the CSG01F-Auto.

To maintain an acceptable product quality, do not exceed a current of 3.5mA (arbitrary, but
reasonable value)

No uses or recommendations for health or illness is given here, for easy to understand legal

= Generator mounted on a printed circuit board, industrial grade
= Very small footprint, easily carried inside a rigid eyewear case
= Output via 6-32 screw terminals.
= 2 wires AWG#12 (2mm) of 99.99% pure silver, 5 "long
= Indicator light (LED) to monitor the progress of the CS
= An output polarity selector (manual) permits an equal wear of silver wire (only (+) "gives" silver)

How does this CSG (Colloidal Silver Generator) is aside and above from “others"?
= Its very small printout permits you to have-it anywhere you go
= The input voltage can be almost anything that comes to handy, from 9V to 36VDC
= The output terminal screws can accommodate almost any kind of silver (or other) electrodes, very
= An output polarity switch can change polarity easily, without messing with electrodes.

Besides the provided kit, what do you need to generatoe colloidal silver?
=  Mr Bob Beck recommends using 10 to 12cm of pure wire silver 99.9%, with a size of AWG14 (1.6mm)
        We can supply silver wire of 99.99% purity,  AWG12 (2.0mm)
=  A glass container = 180 to 250ml
=  Three 9V batteries (carbon zinc kind, 3x for 2Euros, is good enough)
=  Distilled water only, highly recommended.
=  A voltmeter / mAmètre will be useful
=  Avoid ppm_TDS because they lack the needed precision for us.

CSG01Auto Generator
= With a Constant Current Source
= With an Automatic Stop
= With a 3 concentration selector
= With an output manual swap
= With Manual mode

CSG01BB, Bob Beck style
This page
Colloidal silver generator as
shown by Mr Bob Beck : See this
page for the whole schematic

Silver material is becoming rare
and prices are very volatile. 
Please note that price of this kit
can REALLY change (Up) at any
time due to Pure Silver changes
on price and availability
Applied Electronic to Well-Being and
The Dr. Hulda Clark's zapper