If you want to learn about zappers in general,
have good, honest information, this site will
answer most of your questions.

This site also has one of the finest collection of
zapper’s schematics in the Web, and much, much

Since its creation in December 2006, Maestro-
Zapper has been very active in zapper's field, and
has pioneered several improvements and "world
first" announcements.

MZ3c zapper : This zapper has a choice of 6
frequencies written in its memory (uC driven) and 3
useful automatic sequences.

Among others, we have a narrow sweep around
2.5kHz, a wide sweep between 8kHz and 16kHz,
the popular Schumann frequency (7.83Hz) and a
unique Deep Sleep program

All these programs have an automatic stop at the

But this is not enough!!
The MZ3c has too a real Constant Current Source,
with 4 different values to choice from (1.5mA,
3mA, 5mA, 7mA).
No more need of "Constant Stabilized Wave" or
any internal impedance to have a powerful, safe

This CCS is powered by a voltage regulator of
11V, no matter what the battery's voltage is, from
9,5V with a new battery, to 5.5V on its end.

So far, even zappers powered by a wall adapter,
despite the potential danger they represent,
cannot compete in force and safety with this
really UNIQUE zapper!
You will not find this information everywhere :
The active element of a zapper is its current. 
Where the current goes, the zapper works, and not

For this reason, Dr Clark was recommending the use
of herbs, and colloidal silver.

We now offer you a Colloidal Silver Generator, as
an excellent zapper's complement.

A special note to English readers :  This site continue
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Its translation in English requires a lot of effort. 
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These pages had been made for you!
Maestro-Zapper best choice
Frequencies! by Zapperwise
What to look for... by Zapperwise
MZ6 family : 6 frequencies zapper, powered by a
micro-controller, including the now famous narrow
frequency sweep on 2.5kHz, and the sweet 7.83Hz.

In this family, we have:
MZ6 : Very simple to use.  No one, 2 or 3
frequencies zapper can compete with it!
It has 6 different fixed frequencies

MZ6CCS : identical to the MZ6, this zapper has a
3.5mA constant current regulator

All our zappers have an output current indicator
(Well connected output)
All our zappers actually uses a uC, and has a
battery's voltage indicator, giving a good idea of
the voltage of your battery.

ALL our zappers are very efficient on the battery's

We even have greatly improved the copper tubes,
by adding an ingenious cap to give a VERY good
grip to the alligator terminals!  See this page : HH4    
Legal disclaimer :
We do not prescribe, diagnose, or make any medical claim or advices.
The principles, assumptions or theories exposed here have no medical or scientific value officially recognized.
Please note that Dr Clark’s  books or devices have not been evaluated by Health Canada (Canada) or Food and Drugs Administration (USA), and then, have not received any guarantee on their effectiveness or their safety.
Zappers can only be sold or used as experimental devices for educational research.  They are not intended for use in the cure, treatment, prevention, diagnostic of any disease.

If illness is an issue, please consult a licensed health professional before attempting any self health program.

By using this information without the approval of a licensed health professional, you are prescribing for yourself, as permitted by law, and you take full responsibility for the results.

These results may vary depending on individuals
Certain Internet sites associate zapper and serious illness.
It is not our role to make such assertions. 
Illness does not interest us.

We leave it to the experts of the unhealthy states.
We are only interested to feel better, which is highly subjective, and to get rid of as much “invaders” who drain our resources, as possible.  These invaders, who live at our expense, we name them under the generic name of “parasites”.

We experience the influence of the zapper effect
on these parasites, on a hypothetical and empirical basis,
which have nothing to do with medical or scientific rules.

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Last Up-To-Date :
June 20,  2018
Due to very restrictive North American Regulations, our devices are not sold or intended for human use or on animals, in USA or Canada.

If you want to buy a zapper for personal experimentation, you may order one and may choose to experiment with this device after purchasing it, however, we do not sell it with the intent that it be so used.

All our zappers follows by the book the latest
recommendations of Dr Hulda Clark :

**  An output exclusively positive
**  At least 0.25V Offset
**  Selection of Frequencies between 10Hz and
**  Sufficient voltage (5V to 10V)
**  Battery powered only
How you can reach us :
We actually are in Laval, Quebec, Canada.

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Welcome in this site, devoted to a simple way of getting rid of parasites
(microbes, virus, worms, bacteria)

The Hulda Clark's Zapper
From an original design of Dr Hulda Clark

This site offers you a collection of micro-current sources called ZAPPERS.
They are designed as state of the art devices.

Technical information found here will permit you to make the best choice
for your needs, your lifestyle and your budget

(We have some Colloidal Silver Generators too)
Colloidal Silver Generator
Applied Electronic to Well-Being and
The Dr. Hulda Clark's zapper