Important note:
Due to an extremely restrictive
North American legislation, these
generators are sold as
educational and experimental
devices, intended to use on
undrinkable water, and as plant
growth stimulators. What you do
with them is your own
responsibility and you must
comply with the laws applicable
in your place of use.

This colloidal silver generator is
intended for domestic and
emergency use (Small quantities of

It will produce 6 to 8oz (180ml to
250ml) of water containing the silver
colloid in suspension, with a
concentration of about 18uS, in a
few hours.

Its features makes it unique, on
the actual market:
= So small, it can be carried

= CSG01F-Auto : Has a constant
current generator rated at 0.9mA
nominal, maintaining this constant
current between 5V and 36V input
supply, for production of high quality

= Can be connected to any voltage
source between 5 and 36VDC peak

= Holds easily silver wire from AWG#
24 (0.5mm) to AWG#12 (2.5mm) in
diameter, with its terminal screws.

=  Doesn't need to swapp polarity
for small quantities of 8oz and less

= An indicator light LED gives an
approximation of the current
involved during the process.

= You can even evaluate the
distilled water quality with it!
Some permitted uses (Amen !) 

Colloidal Silver has an excellent reputation (outside official channels) as a natural antibiotic, antiviral and
anti-fungal remedy.

Here are some uses that I have tried (Good for me. And for you?) Take them as "anecdotes".
= Used as mouthwash, it is the best I have ever used.
= As a nasal spray (or on skin), good for sinusitis and other "...itis". Even better than a zapper.
= Burns and scrapes do not become infected and heals much faster on my skin.
= Infections in the eyes quickly fades.
= Spread on garbage prevents decay odor.
= The bathroom has 101 uses to prevent odors and disinfect surprisingly well.
= A little “push-push” on opened cans, jam, jelly, milk, or before canning or preserving does very well.
= Athlete's foot, skin irritation, fungal infections and candidiasis pass over quickly.
= Sprayed on pet/animal places removes a lot of bad odors.
= The seasonal clothes smell better when treated before storing.
= Pools, fountains and other water sources need fewer treatments.

I always have a handily spray bottle that I use almost everywhere.
I have seen no noticeable effect other than a better digestion, when ingested orally.
Several stomachache, I suspect due to food poisoning (doubtful hamburgers, seafood) disappeared
rapidly after a swallow every 20 minutes.
Some tips on the use and manufacture of colloidal silver (More to come):

= I only use distilled water for its production. But in case of emergency, even orange juice could do ...

= I find it acts much better (Subjective) when it is used “freshly done”. So I prefer to make small
quantities (<250ml) rather than several liters at the time. If I suffer from a problem, I make a small
amount that I use as done.

= In our measurements, 1uS =~ 1ppm_Silver =~ 0.5ppm_TDS
   1ppm_TDS = 2uS =~ 2ppm_Silver

= Making the CS starts with a "pure" (distillate) water and this water is almost a good insulator (1 to
1.5uS). At this stage, the process is very, very slow and gradually accelerates as the ppm of silver
When one starts from scratch, it is worth starting with the smallest amount of water possible (small
glass) that is pushed to a 18uS concentration.
Once we got that first CS, it can be diluted in a greater quantity of distilled water (200ml to 250ml), The
new dilution, more conductive, will process much faster.
I keep 2 to 3 oz of the newly made CS, as a “seed” for the next run of CS

Since going from 5 to 18uS is MUCH faster than going from 0.5 to 5uS, I prefer to do my CS up to 18uS,
and then dilute it (50/50) for general use.

= The CS is easily made up to 15 to 20uS. Higher concentrations give erratic results. That is why
everything has been "designed" in the CSG01F-Auto for a standard production of 18uS (approx.)

= Mr Bob Beck noted that 5 to 10uS concentration is ideal. I prefer 9uS in general use, and up to 18uS in
case of emergency.

= If you need to do CS in an emergency situation, without any CS already made, start with a very small
amount of water. Use half this amount as soon as possible (5 to 9uS), dilute the remaining quantity with
3 to 4 times of additional water, and make a higher concentration. Use the third of that new CS as soon
as made, and dilute again. With this trick, you can start very quickly to address your problem, and buy
time to make a higher concentration, until you have a good quantity for next use

= My worst case was a mouthful (?!?) of CS every 20mn, 16uS, for almost 2 hours. 
I'm ready to affirm that this treatment save me a visit to the emergency of an Hospital, something I try
to avoid at any time (I have never seen such a concentration of bat pathogens in a so small area then an
emergency room (:-(

= It is important (and exciting) to experience. At first, I suggest you get used to the brightness of the
LED, when the generator is on its “cruising speed” (1mA for CSG01F-Auto)

= The CSG01F-Auto has a known distance between the electrodes. The voltage across the output can
be interpreted as having a correspondence with uS (gross, but interesting). If a voltmeter is not
available, note that when you plunges gently the electrodes in water, the light reaches its maximum at a
certain depth, which may also result in a correspondence with ppm.  More to come in this matter.

= When the light reaches its maximum on the CSG01F-Auto, the growth of uS becomes linear rather
than exponential. If you've noticed how long it takes between this and your preferred concentration, this
time will be the same for the same amount of liquid, time after time (use of the manual function).

= If at first, it is advantageous to use a high voltage (24 or 27V, for example) to accelerate the start,
you can reduce to 2x 9V or even 1x 9V battery, when the constant current is reached.
It is a good way to save energy, where in an emergency, when this energy is limited

The CSG01F-Auto has a format so practical, it should be part of every emergency kit, when you go
traveling, camping or taking a walk in the woods (Please remember that you need also a battery - or two
- or three - in working order.

= With large amounts of CS (0.5 liter or more) it becomes necessary to stir gently the solution.
With small quantities - like 8 oz (250ml) - the solution does not need to be stirred.
If you insist to have a water movement, a simple 7W lamp close to the glass of water, will make a
convection movement in the water.
I have gleaned on the Internet an interesting idea: Put the glass in a sunny spot, with the opposite face
blackened (electrician tape, black cardboard or cloth, ...) The thermal contrast is sufficient to create a
gently water movement.

= And finally, the Web has many sources on this fascinating subject. Ask questions. Use your common
sense. Beware of ads "too good to be true".
Be careful.

My first contact with CS information goes back to the 80’s, with Bob Beck's documentation.

My first production of CS was done in a grave, extreme emergency case, involving a loved one:
A power supply with 24Vdc, 2 bamboo sticks, a silver's coin, a piece of copper, many rubber bands to
hold everything together, and my taste to stop making-it was all I had and used.

Results where so astonishing, that I decided to buy a “good, real” unit.

I bought a SilverPuppy and has been recommending it to many friends and zapper customers
(Free, unwanted publicity)

Today, I want to make your life easier, if you want to try this "1001 uses" small CSG.
The CSG01F-Auto is what I wish I had, when in my first emergency use
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Illness does not interest us.

We leave it to the experts of the unhealthy states.
We are only interested to feel better, which is highly subjective, and to get rid of as much “invaders” who drain our resources, as possible.  These invaders, who live at our expense, we name them under the generic name of “parasites”.

We experience the influence of the zapper effect
on these parasites, on a hypothetical and empirical basis,
which have nothing to do with medical or scientific rules.

Applied Electronic to Well-Being and
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