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CSG01F-Auto : Colloidal Silver Generator with auto stop 

We acceded to the repeated request of dressing the CSG01, into a nice enclosure, without detracting
from the loved simplicity of operation of this generator.
Here is the CSG01F-Auto, succeeding the CSG01Auto.

This colloidal silver generator can provide a VERY simple way to introduce you to this field
It has been designed to be used with 3x 9V HD batteries, and a glass of 6oz water as container.

The CSG01F-Auto meet two basic criteria:
= Allow experimentation of this interesting technology at a reasonable price,
= Have on hand a versatile generator, capable of generating a high quality colloidal silver, able to deliver
its CS in emergency situations, with any voltage, from 9V to 36V, able to travel with you, between the
comb and the toothbrush, anywhere you go.

= Its small footprint.
= The ability to receive a wide range of silver and son supply voltages.
= The ability to make colloidal silver in a few hours almost anywhere.
The CSG01F-Auto is the main choice of buyers, because of its unmatched friendly use, able to generate
180ml (6oz) of CS, at 10uS, in about 1 hour, without any oversight, thanks to its automatic shutdown.

We have a special deal for you :

1_ We provide the "High Tech" part (hard to build) in a compact and inexpensive package.
2_ We provide too the 99.99% pure silver, AWG #12 (2mm in diameter) difficult to find (and
quite often very expensive).
3_ We provide the manufacturing process documentation

You provide the easy part, to find locally :
1_ The glass container (a simple glass of water about 8oz (250ml) is enough to start with.
2_ You provide the power source: Two or three 9V batteries is enough. A wall plug transformer feeding
24Vdc is perfect
3_ You provide the distilled water (not so easy to find in Europe (?!?)

Like this, you pay the minimum price for this outstanding CSG.  It's a Deal?

CSG01F-Auto Generator
= With a Constant Current Source
= With an Automatic Stop
= With a 2 concentration selector
= With Manual Mode

CSG01BB  Bob Beck style
A very simple CSG document

= Generator mounted on a printed circuit board, industrial
grade, assembled inside a plastic enclosure 1.3" x 2.7" x 0.85"
(34mm x 69mm x 22mm)
= Input voltage jack connector of 5.5mm x 2.1mm
=  Maximum Input 36Vdc/peak
=  Input Diode bridge 50V 50mA
=  Constant Current Source of 0.95mA nominal
=  Indicator light (LED) to monitor the progress of the CS
=  Indicator light (LED) on Auto mode
=  3 position selector
    a)  Minimal concentration of about 9uS (left), with
automatic stop
    b) Manual Mode (center) and reset of Auto Mode
    c)  Maximal concentration of about 18uS (right), with
automatic stop

=  Mating input plug connector with 6” of wire and alligator
clips at the end.

= Smal PCB holding 2x 6-32 screw terminals for silver wires.

= 2 wires AWG#12 (2mm) of 99.99% pure silver, 5 "long
(12.5cm) for Anode (+) and cathode (-)

How does this CSG (Colloidal Silver Generator) is aside
and above from “others"?
= Its very small printout permits you to have-it anywhere
you go
= The input voltage can be almost anything that comes to
handy, from 9V to 36VDC
= The controlled current source is identical to those found
on high-end models, costing $ 200 to $ 600, which gives a
generation of very small particles of silver (Excellent quality),
equivalent to the best generators on the market.
= 2 settings with automatic shut-off, and a "manual" non-
stop mode
= 2 light indicators show clear progression of AC
= The output terminal screws can accommodate almost any
kind of silver (or other) electrodes, very easily
= A user's manual with many pictures, help to easily pass
through your first run of CS, for first time users
= You can name-it the "plug 'n play" CSG!

Note_1: Without going into technical details, all
measurements are given in micro Siemens (uS), the only true
value that is "useful" to measure the relative concentration
of your mix.

TDS instruments will give you a fantasist reading of
ppm_TDS, quite different of ppm_Ag.  For this reason, TDS
instruments are not recommended.
Originally, these instruments measure conductivity (uS) and
convert it into ppm_TDS, which has nothing to do with the
generation of CS

Note_2: According to Mr Bob Beck, a concentration of 3 to 5
ppm (Ag) is sufficient for CS to be efficient. You will be able
to generate 9 to 18uS very easily with your CSG01F-Auto.

Silver material is becoming rare and prices are very volatile.  Please note that price of this kit can
REALLY change (Up) at any time due to Pure Silver changes on price and availability
You will receive :
=  1x  CSG01F-Auto
=  1x  Wire Terminal PCB
=  2x  Silver wire
=  1x  power supply cable
=  1x  User manual 25+ pages
=  1 year warranty against

Prices and rates
See this page for details
CSG01Auto alone, without
silver wires
2 silver wires, 99.99% pure
AWG#12 (2mm)
Total length : 5" each (12.5cm)
CSG01Auto - Batteries non included
For the record... : CSG01Auto

Shown here, material used by the author
to make his Colloidal Silver:

=  Surrounded in yellow: CSG01F-Auto
=  Distilled water
=  3x 9V batteries (cheapest)
=  1 glass 180ml (wine glass)

Less essential:
=  Voltmeter (Cheapest)
=  Regulated 24Vdc Wall Plug
= Measuring instrument (0.1uS
CSG Ttransformer-USA/Canada
110VAC => 24VDC regulated -
Transport: Check with us
Applied Electronic to Well-Being and
The Dr. Hulda Clark's zapper

All our devices are delivered
WITHOUT batteries,
due to  postal restrictions