EBay buyers are VERY discriminating buyers,
hard to impress.
Here are some of their feedbacks, you will be
able to easily control.

MZ4 = thanks, excellent product..
MZ4 = Zapper arrived today -already zapped L)L.
It works perfectly --thanks very much
MZ4 = It works very well. Thank you!
MZ4 = Gr8 after sales support & communication to
help enhance use of product. Thanks!!
MZ4 = Product came in a timely manner! Works
very well! I would recommend this zapper
MZ4 = Arrived in two days. Neat packaging, great
product. Highly recommend!

MZ5 = great!
MZ5 = thanks man, this is fantastic! and very
quick shipping!!!
MZ5 = Great! quick reaction; in time delivery. A
very correct seller. Thank you!
MZ5 = EXCELLENT transaction, FINE seller,VERY
USEFUL product!

MZ6 = good shipping....very
MZ6 = Very cool tool, electrify me!
MZ6 = very reputable high quality innovative
manufacturer of zappers aaaaaaaaaaa+

MZ4 = Fast shipping, High quality, good
communication, recommended, A+++++
MZ4 = Perfect! Very quick international delivery!!!!
MZ4 = Molto professionale, affidabile e disponibile.
Superconsigliato. Grazie.
MZ4 = fast shipping, great quality, best zapper I
have seen so far, A++++++++++++++
MZ4 = Fast Shipping, Great Product, Great
Communication, Thanks for all your help

DS5 = Great person, real nice, honest,
MZ5 = This is an outstanding value. Great service.
I recommend the product and seller
MZ5 = MZ5#12 - top quality design and
manufacture - well organized and fast shipping
MZ5 = the zapper arrived very quickly, it is a
fabulous item I would recommend for all
MZ5 = fantastic product & great communication
answering all my questions--very helpful
MZ5 = Great ! Great !! Great!!! Will be back for
more shortly Redards :-)
MZ5 = Perfetto, preciso, moto disponibile, veloce
- consigliato.
MZ5 = does exactly what it says, perfect, thanks
Great item shipped quickly and carefully. All
around pleasant experience! Thanks
MZ5 = Mr Gomez ,Many thanks for your prompt
and courteous,and fast service,Great!
MZ5 = This guy is a pro! Shipped within hours.
The Best.
MZ5 = Good zapper. I like the feedback that there
is a good handhold connection.
MZ5 = Very responsive, knowledgeable, helpful

MZ5 = Great wonders come in small packages!
Fast shipp & top-notch support! I’m zappy!


Some comments received in this site :

CS01CC = j'aime beaucoup votre travail, votre
approche rationnelle et avertie, et vos prix! Merci
CS01CC = I receive CS01CC, thank you! The
product is great!!

MZ3 = Cette nouvelle commande est en fait un
cadeau pour mes parents qui sont très impatients
d'essayer ce dispositif.
MZ3 = le paiement est très facile sur paypal, une
seule page, pas besoin de créer un compte, il faut
juste créer un mot de passe
MZ3 = Je poursuis toujours mes traitements avec
le zapper.  2 à 3 fois par jours.  J'ai de très bon
MZ3/MZ6 = Yesterday I tested your zappers and
I'm very satisfied with them (mainly the MZ3b).
MZ3 = Many, many thanks Antonio.  I really
appreciate your taking the time to send a
comprehensive response.

MZ5 = Je viens de recevoir les 2 MZ5c, aujourd'hui
mercredi. Un gros merci. Cela fera 2 heureuses en
MZ5 = En tout cas votre MZ5 est tout simplement
MZ5 = Je suis effectivement déjà client chez vous
et très satisfait par le MZ5 qui fontionne toujours
très bien.
MZ5 = FANTASTICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ERES UN GENIO
MZ5 =  Lundi après midi j'ai pris mon courage à
deux mains et je l'ai utilisé
… …  Résultats de lundi :
- Pas de sensation désagréable
- Un bien être, une sensation de détente
Un peu moins de vertiges  (c'etait déjà ca de
MZ5 = Got it Today!! Thanks for your great
MZ5 - DS5 = Received MZ5 and DS5 on Friday. I
have been using them a lot ever since. They are
GREAT. The DS5 REALLY works. It's amazing.
MZ5 = J'aurais du écouter votre conseil et ne pas
trop exagérer ce qui m'aurait éviter une grande
fatigue et une réactivation de mes douleurs
articulaires assez forte.  J'avais oublié d'éliminer
de façon efficace les toxines qui se sont libérées
au fur et à mesure de l'utilistaion du zapper.

MZ6 = j'ai acheté le mz6 et en voudrais un autre
MZ6 = ton zap6 a fait sensation par sa simplicité ,
F... va te passer commande une deuxieme fois !

MZ3 = Thank you Antonio, that's very nice of you.
I love my's my favorite now;)

MZ5 = I received it  yesterday (Tuesday) and did
first session as per your instructions.  I felt pretty
spaced out (high) in a pleasant way afterward. 
Your packaging and attention to detail is much
appreciated, as is ease of use of device.

Customer's Comments are only
personal reactions to our zappers
and our service, and should be taken
with care as anecdotal information
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Illness does not interest us.

We leave it to the experts of the unhealthy states.
We are only interested to feel better, which is highly subjective, and to get rid of as much “invaders” who drain our resources, as possible.  These invaders, who live at our expense, we name them under the generic name of “parasites”.

We experience the influence of the zapper effect
on these parasites, on a hypothetical and empirical basis,
which have nothing to do with medical or scientific rules.

Applied Electronic to Well-Being and
The Dr. Hulda Clark's zapper