MZ3 Zapper : Comparison chart
in 15+ + points, with another popular zapper (UZ)

MZ3 : The one making Beep! Beep!
/ versus /
The UZ, the one making no beep at all! (as many, many other zappers)

=1=   FREQUENCY_1 :  When you use a specific frequency for its virtues, you need PRECISION :

When H. Clark discovered the large effect of her zapper, she stated :
"... it was not due to some unique design, or special wave form produced by the device.  It was due to
battery operation!"
This point leaded to "any frequency (anything from 10 to 500 000Hz) will do".

Frequencies can have a positive impact on the use of a zapper, if you know which frequency to use and how to
use-it.  This use of frequency needs PRECISION.  Capacitors with 20% error and resistors with an additional
10% will remove the advantage of using a frequency in particular.

FREQUENCY_2 : The lower, the better... (?!?)
Some sellers says without any proof  (invoking a "skin effect"), that lower frequencies on zappers have a
"better penetration".  Why do they stop at 2.5kHz, instead of going lower?  Mystery! 
Read "What about the popular "skin effect"?" page for more information
Read "(Hypothetical) Effect of Frequencies" page for more information

=2=   DUTY CYCLE :  93.5% on the MZ3, 1% precision. 90% on the UZ, precision : unknown

Better duty cycle of the MZ3 thanks to a better control of precision :  More power, more harmonics.
This issue of relation between Duty Cycle and Harmonics is not fully understood by many, specially in the use of
a zapper on living human body.
Longer Duty Cycle means more power available
50% duty cycle has many (not ALL) odd harmonics, and very little or not at all even harmonics.
90% / 93.5% Duty cycle has many other harmonics, including odd and even harmonics. 
How far you can go on Duty Cycle depends on the load's impedance and condition ( YOU are the load).
Use of all this needs a sound understanding of what you do and what you want to do.

Human body is a complex load reacting like a changing network of resistors and capacitors when using the
Zapper's effect (tiny direct currents) , and like a tuned RCL network at the cellular level, when using frequencies
to reach parasites.
To come back to Duty Cycle comparisons, there is not a big difference between 10.5V and 10.8V, or
between 90% D/C or 94% D/C, but still, 10.8V and 94% D/C is better than 10.5V and 90% D/C in this

=3=   CONTINUOUS OUTPUT : Yes, on the MZ3, Yes on the UZ

Good to have-it.  Not always wanted for a friendly use
Most of the arguments around this point are exaggerated when related to daily use (the more common task).

The 7-20 sequence recommended by Dr Clark makes a lot of sense and is very efficient on most situations.
Having to check a clock to make this sequence is seen by many as "cumbersome", because we are not used to
make ANY KIND OF EFFORT.  That's why a continuous sequence (used by Dr Clark on "heavy cases" only) is so

Being able to change the 7-20 sequence is nice if you are making a lot of research, or, if being a professional of
health, wanting to fine-tune the use of a zapper to a specific, difficult case. 
It is rarely used by most of us because we want a friendly use of the zapper.

Continuous output is a good technical solution when you want to make a "cheap" zapper (by cheap, I means
low design and production cost, obviously not sales price).

Automatic 7-20 sequence (or any other automatic sequence) is very handily most of the time, but its use is
cast on this only sequence.

Having both options will give you the best of both uses.  That's what we do with the MZ3b.

=4=   SUPER STABILIZED WAVE : Much better on the MZ3 (Fast VCCS), Yes on the other

With a safe controlled, variable internal resistance for our MZ3.
Note : What "super" means?   Super compared to "What"?
This feature is advocated by many, as a result of the BIGGER IS BETTEERRR!

This feature increases the easy injection of high frequencies (used on harmonics) and decreases the internal
dynamic impedance to almost 0.  It increases too the peak-to-peak voltage applied to you. 
When this "stabilized wave" circuit uses a small internal resistor's value, you have a zapper without any
internal control of the delivered current.

A little bit of it will not hurt, but relying only on it to make a "superior zapper" is like connecting the output of
the zapper directly on the output of the 555.  Not very safe!

There is a much better (and more complex) solution to this : Constant Current Source

Wait!... Wait!  It's not ALL!
There is still some
goodies to come with our
MZ3 !
Protection against battery reversal :
This feature cost $0.15 and takes a
0.5V to voltage supply.  Little to pay to
avoid smoke signals coming out of
your zapper.   Some zappers doesn't

Second frequency : A basic zapper
will give very interesting results with
only one frequency, because
frequency is used to transfer electric
charges through the skin barrier
(mostly capacitive). 
For the H. Clark zapper's effect to
work (tiny direct currents flowing
through you), around 30kHz is the
best frequency. 

If you start playing with Mortal
Oscillatory Rates (Frequencies using
resonant phenomenon to disable
parasites), then you have the sniper's
motto translation as : "One
frequency, one parasite". 
By using lower, more easy frequencies
to make, you can play some games
with harmonics.  By practical results, it
seems that 2kHz to 10 kHz are good
frequencies to try and experiment
Whatever the frequency you use,
this frequency will be good for one
or some parasites, and ineffective
for many.  You simply cannot have a
magical "fit-for-all" frequency, when
using MOR. 
But you can have a "magical though"
leading to disillusion.

Frequencies are like screwdrivers in
your toolbox :  Which one do you
think will do "all the jobs"? 
Stop listening to people selling only
one kind of magical screwdriver.
What your good sense tells you ? 
Only one screwdriver is the best
ultimate choice, or six different ones
could be an even better choice?
(What about 255?)

2.5kHz :  On a zapper using a 555
oscillator, this frequency, unless it is
adjustable (as on the M.Zap4R
zapper), will make its frequency with
very poor precision, depending on
component's tolerance. 
Don't expect much better than +  /-
15%.  If fact, with cheap 20%
components,  expect much worse...
On our MZ3 zappers, precision is
better than 1%.  On top of this, we
make a continuous narrow sweep
from 2424Hz to 2522Hz, making 64
different frequencies.  YES, 64!! 
This means you have much better
chances to hit the pathogen frequency
bothering you.
Can you expect a better conbination,
for a 2.5kHz frequency?

Automatic sequence : The 7mn_ON -
20mn_Off is the original sequence
recommended by Dr Clark.
Best all around sequence to start
with.  Excluding-it makes no sense
(unless you are not able to offer-it...)

Yes, Dr Clark has been using
continuous zapping on very specific
cases, and under her supervision. 
Yes, 7-20 session is still a VERY GOOD
choice, for most cases (general use).
Note : Dr Clark's work shows that you
need at least 3mn to be effective
against something.  Using less than
3mn of active time is then a non

Battery level indicator :  In a car,
you can run without a working fuel
gage... as long as you have fuel! 
When this accessory doesn't work
any more, you realize how important
it could be!

A most with a battery zapper.  You
will see and hear what is the state of
your battery, every time you start
On our zappers, this tells you if your
battery has enough "fuel" for your
Note : Output supply will be the
same (10.8V), as long as the battery
is alive.

Output current monitor/indicator : 
This is certainly the function
customers likes the best on our
zappers!  A most with ANY zapper. 
You can monitor at any time that you
are well connected to your zapper.
Even more : You will be able to easily
see witch frequency gives you the
higher current!

Bep-Beep Beeper : Adding a beeper
to a zapper seems obvious (some
customers requested-it on the
But you need unslashed power under
the hood to implement-it (and some
room fot it, too. Obviously, MZ5
doesn't have-it!)
Something most 555 zappers cannot
offer you.
Having a zapper without one is like
having a car without a horn.  Not
essential to move, but nice to make
"thinks" moving (:-)

Rrr ... Zzz Sequence :
This sequence offers an interesting
way to come back to Health:

The use of very low frequency (VLF)
to allow you to remove stress from
your brain, and put you in a state
favorable to deep, restful sleep.


As for the UZ, it can always dream
about it ...

Internal view  of our MZ3b
Internal view of the UZ

A picture is worth a
thousand words!
Legal disclaimer :
We do not prescribe, diagnose, or make any medical claim or advices.
The principles, assumptions or theories exposed here have no medical or scientific value officially recognized.
Please note that Dr Clark’s  books or devices have not been evaluated by Health Canada (Canada) or Food and Drugs Administration (USA), and then, have not received any guarantee on their effectiveness or their safety.
Zappers can only be sold or used as experimental devices for educational research.  They are not intended for use in the cure, treatment, prevention, diagnostic of any disease.

If illness is an issue, please consult a licensed health professional before attempting any self health program.

By using this information without the approval of a licensed health professional, you are prescribing for yourself, as permitted by law, and you take full responsibility for the results.

These results may vary depending on individuals
Certain Internet sites associate zapper and serious illness.
It is not our role to make such assertions. 
Illness does not interest us.

We leave it to the experts of the unhealthy states.
We are only interested to feel better, which is highly subjective, and to get rid of as much “invaders” who drain our resources, as possible.  These invaders, who live at our expense, we name them under the generic name of “parasites”.

We experience the influence of the zapper effect
on these parasites, on a hypothetical and empirical basis,
which have nothing to do with medical or scientific rules.

Yes, all these goodies
are all yours, too,
for the same price !
INCLUDING shipping for
Canada and USA!
You will receive :
=  1x MZ3c zapper
=  2x copper     handhold
=  1x "User manual" PDF format
=  1 year warranty against
=  And 60 days of (limited) trial
(money back warranty)  !

Price and rates
See this page for details

=5=   CONSTANT HIGHT VOLTAGE AC ADAPTER :  NO! by any means! NO! on the MZ3 zapper,   Yes on the

Using a wall plug adapter in a zapper is a call for disaster
Battery only : Best protection of your life.
And you can use your zapper with all the freedom you need, too, anywhere, inside or outside.

I understand that a wall plug power supply is an excellent solution for many electrical devices.
I understand too that, when the device is in direct electrical contact with the user, using anything else but a
low voltage battery is playing a mortal game. 

Using a revolver loaded with only one bullet, spinning the chambers and firing-it on your temple, or using a
zapper  connected to the wall plug is the same game.  Only odd numbers are different.

Hospitals and doctors can play this game.  They are legally protected.  But accidents do happen with double
insulation transformers, and UL/CSA approved apparatus.

For sure, batteries cost a little...  If the 0.5 to 3 cents cost of a zapper's session is a mandatory point on the
choice of your zapper, you are a good candidate for Natural Selection. 
Remember : Natural Selection doesn't care about "logical issues, legal issues, or pity issues.

=6=   PURE SQUARE WAVE : Yes, on the MZ3, Yes on the other

By the way, all known zappers uses square waves!  What "pure" means? Pure compared to "What"?
Even with a sinusoidal wave, a zapper will be efficient, as long as the wave is all positive (positive offset)

Remember this?
"... it was not due to some unique design, or special wave form produced by the device.  It was due to
battery operation!"

=7=   CONSTANT HIGH CONDUCTIVITY :  GOOD, controlled conductivity on the MZ3.  High conductivity on
the other one.
Constant High Conductivity : Beware! Zappers are used on living humans!
Constant High Conductivity means CONSTANT HIGH CURRENT.  Ask questions!!

=8=   FOOT PADS : Not yet, on the MZ3, Optional on the other one

They are not expensive to build, but they add a lot of cost to the zappers shipment bill.
Many want them anyway because you can obtain a better efficiency out of your zapper. 
I agree on this statement.  We will soon offer them as an useful accessory.

A special note on metal used on zapper's electrodes :  Because zappers are using a Direct Current for their
work, we have two distinct flows :
1_  An electronic flow made out of negative charges (electrons), going from the negative output to the positive
2_  A less known flow of positive charges (positively charged ions, made out of the material composition of the
positive electrode), flowing from the positive electrode to the negative electrode, THROUGH YOU.  Electrolysis
and electroplating uses this phenomenon to their advantage. 
On zappers, irritated skin is another side effect of this flow going always on the same direction.
Any metal in direct contact with the skin will release positively charged molecules IN your body.  This is
one of the reasons why Dr Clark always recommended to use a wet kitchen paper between electrodes and
your body.

The interesting part of this issue now : Composition of a general purpose Stainless Steel (302 grade) :
Iron : around 72%; Chromium : 16-18%; Nickel : 8-10%; Manganese : 2%
On the other hand, composition of C11000 copper : 99.90% copper.
Which one would you use, with your zapper?

About conductivity / resistivity:
Copper has a resistivity of 0.017_uOhm*m
Iron has a resistivity of 0.1_uOhm*m, worse on Stainless Steel
Even when not shiny, copper is a much better conductor than iron or stainless could be.

=9=   SUPERIOR HARMONICS :  93.5% Duty Cycle on the MZ3 gives even more harmonics than 90% on the
UZ.  Period.

=10=   BLOOD ELECTRIFICATION : ALL H. Clark zappers uses blood and lymphe as main current channels.

Beck's Zapper is a tool specifically designed for blood electrification, and it does-it well.

Clark's zappers are designed for wide electrification of "anything" crossing the path of current.
At this chapter, "anything" including blood could be directly related to current flow.

Our experiences demonstrates that a 30kHz 57% duty cycle has a superior current flow compared to a
2.5kHz 94% duty cycle, giving then a better "blood electrification" at this higher frequency.

=11=   ELECTROPORATION : If "the UZ" does-it, we do-it better with a higher voltage and a higher duty
cycle (:-)
In our opinion, this word is wrongly used with zappers.

Why? :
Please, read this interesting article, written by Michael Forrest
Extract :
"Why does Bob Beck and other device manufacturers claim that these devices cause electroporation?
Because Beck mistakenly thought that the high-absorption effect was electroporation without studying
the science journals enough to realize that it couldn't be electroporation which is a very severe and
unwanted effect.

What is electroporation? It is a temporary condition of the outer membrane of blood cells becoming
"porous" as a result of high electric fields affecting the cells. While the cells are porous, normally
unwanted fluid & substances can enter into the blood cell with resultant disturbing effects. This man-
made effect is useful to scientists though, which is why there are companies like Genetronics which
manufacture laboratory instruments which induce electroporation. It should be a great relief to all to
know that these blood electrification devices do not produce an effect so extreme as electroporation.

What is the evidence that the high-absorption effect is not electroporation? Brian Austin, Technical
Support Manager at Genetronics (an electroporation device company), emailed me concerning the Black
Box that "with the (electrical) conditions used, there should be no electroporation effects. Field
strengths are not high enough." J. C. Weaver of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in his report
on electroporation published in the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry (51:426-435 1993) reported "In
the case of isolated cells, mammalian cells experience electroporation for electric fields of about E=
1kv/cm (1000 volts with a distance of 1 centimeter between electrodes) for short pulses." The Black
Box produces about 1.35 volts per centimeter when the electrodes are placed on the same wrist.
Another electroporation device manufacturer, Cyto Pulse Sciences, stated on their website (in the
equipment tutorial) that red blood cells need 1430 volts per centimeter for electroporation.

What is the evidence that the blood cells are more absorptive during electrification? In the Biophysics
Journal, Vol. 58 Oct 1990, pages 897-903 the authors wrote that "...electric fields that generate
transmembrane potential in the range of millivolts are capable of activating membrane transport
systems." (The Black Box creates a potential across the blood cell membranes of millivolts.) Also;
"...reversible activation of certain membrane channels or transport systems may be achieved using
low-amplitude, low frequency alternating current fields. Electric fields as small as 16 volts per
centimeter have been shown to induce membrane conductance, and these effects were completely
reversible. Human erythrocytes treated with such ac fields for hours were shown to have normal shape,
volume, and permeabilities to potassium and sodium."

What is the best time to use the Blood Purifier? Because of high-absorption it is best to use it when your
blood stream has the least amount of potentially toxic byproducts of metabolism in it, which is when
you awaken from sleep. Second best time would be right before going to bed."

In plain words, there is a "magnification" of inter cellular exchanges when they are excited by a very tiny
current, as these produced by zappers (whatever kind of zapper, not only ultimate ones).

Thank you, Mr Forrest

=12=   AURA EXPANSION : If you can see a 3x expansion of the Aura with "the UZ", ours needs
sunglasses to observe the changes! (:-)

Aura is a multilayer of energy surrounding ANY energized "device".  If you are a good observer, you will see this
aura around high voltage electric lines, when light is low.

On alive beings (plants, animals, humans) this same energetic field can be seen by some. 
The more complex the being, the more complex the aura.   The "emotional body" heavily modifies the Aura.

Children can see them quite easily.  University graduates can't, most of the time (What has been lost?!?).

Aura takes a "bad" color when a portion of the body is loosing health (or having bad/wrong feelings). 
It turns dark when illness installs on the physical body.

The flow of the right amount of electricity (or "good energy" from healthy souls) removes dark spots and brings
bright color to the aura, releasing a powerful, beautiful expansion.
This expansion will remain for hours and then shrinks slowly (We come back to "normal" instead of staying on
"Natural").  Many electrical/energetic treatments will maintain an expanded aura.

This happens when using a zapper (any kind of zapper) properly.

=13=   3 months TRIAL WARRANTIES : 60 days on the Beep-Beep one, no questions asked   90 days on the
other one

=14=   LIFETIME WARRANTY : NO (1 year only) on the MZ3, YES on the other one
Warranty is as useful as the honesty of the dealer is.  On a well made zapper, a warranty is only a "peace of
mind" making you sleep better.

= 1 year of warranty is good on an electronic device without moving parts.
= 3 years of warranty is VERY good, if the company has at least 5 years of life.
= A lifetime warranty has a linguistic catch : Lifetime of what, or whom?
Lifetime of the company?  Lifetime of the zapper? Lifetime of the warranty? What are the conditions and hidden

Very good on publicity, will no stand longer than the company's life, at best, and companies (stop
dreaming!) don't last for ever.
Be careful :  When it is too beautiful to be true, it is because...  it is too beautiful to be true.

=15=   PRICE : $216.00 on the MZ3 (Oct 2013), including shipping and handling to
Canada and USA, and Europe,   249.95 on the UZ (Plu$ $hipping)
This is a very personal issue.  How it compares to others, overall? 
Do you have what you need for this price? 
Are you buying the zapper, or the Brand Name? 
Zapper's effect or misleading publicity?

Applied Electronic to Well-Being and
The Dr. Hulda Clark's zapper