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We are proud to show you The Maestro-Zapper family.

If rushing after small components, building and testing this electronic device is not on your check list, we
can offer you a choice of 4 different zappers, from the simplest one (KISS), to one of the most complete
and easy-to-use zapper on the actual market, the MZ3.
At Maestro-Zapper, we put a special emphasis on giving you a choice of frequencies meeting
your needs, your beliefs or your lifestyle.
They all follow the latest recommendations of Dr. Clark.

If you're new into the field of zappers, do not bother too much about frequencies :
They are all good for zapping, as per Dr Clark recommendations.

= 30kHz has an excellent reputation and our calculations and experiments proves that it provides an
excellent energy transfer.  Our best reference, when comparing other frequencies.

= 2.5kHz frequency is very popular for a good reason: It often works where 30kHz is slow to act
On MZ6 and MZ3 zappers, this popular frequency switch to a sweep of 64 different frequencies

= Our large sweep plays a lot about the effect of frequency, in addition to the zapper's effect.
To play the advantage of "frequency", it must be used for long periods of time (1.5 hours minimum).
Effects of elimination are then strong. Otherwise, it has an effect similar to 30kHz when used for short
periods of time (20/30mn, sequence 7-20). An excellent choice on MZ6 and MZ3

Other frequencies: 10kHz, 1kHz, 15Hz, 7.83Hz are offered for those who want to try them or having
already use them, want them on their zappers.

The MZ6 has an unmatched 6 frequencies choice, including the 2.5kHz with sweep, and Schumann`s
frequency (7.83Hz).
The MZ6CCS adds a 3.5mA regulator, for an unmatched safety without having to worry about battery`s
The MZ3c is out top-of-the-line zapper, intended for health professionals and discriminating users.
It has 6 frequencies, 7-20 original program, 28-20 special program, and Deep Sleep program, all with

For a detailed discussion on frequency applied to zappers, visit these pages (5) (zapperwise.com)

When someone want to buy a
zapper for the first time,
the two most often asked
questions are :

1_ What is the best zapper?
Answer: Best for who? Best for
Whatever you could have handily,
and in good order, when you need
it will do, but some are still better
than others.
As such, you make the right
choice, whatever Maestro-Zapper
device you could choose!

2_ What is the best frequency?
Answer: When it is not clear “for
what?” any frequency,
between 10Hz and 500 000Hz will
do, as stated by H.Clark.

Note: Dr. Clark has always used
30kHz frequency as her best all-
around choice .
She must had good reasons ...
That's why we offer this
frequency in most of our models


#1 = These zappers are ready, by
the voltage, frequency and programs
provided, to be used in these
applications, but the necessary
extra accessories (plates, cables,
speaker) are not provided.
See this page ( "Other uses" of
ZapperWise) for further
#2 = The original Dr. Clark’s zapper
deserves a "(++)" because of its
power supply voltage, from 5V to 8V
The MZ6 zapper deserves a (+++), 
using a high pass output filter to
increase the useful current
(stabilized wave). 
The MZ6CVS using a 10.8V
regulator, deserves a (++++)

The MZ3c with its CCS at 7mA is a
VERY powerful zapper, you will use
most of the time at half power (3 to
5 mA). (++++++)
Legal disclaimer :
We do not prescribe, diagnose, or make any medical claim or advices.
The principles, assumptions or theories exposed here have no medical or scientific value officially recognized.
Please note that Dr Clark’s  books or devices have not been evaluated by Health Canada (Canada) or Food and Drugs Administration (USA), and then, have not received any guarantee on their effectiveness or their safety.
Zappers can only be sold or used as experimental devices for educational research.  They are not intended for use in the cure, treatment, prevention, diagnostic of any disease.

If illness is an issue, please consult a licensed health professional before attempting any self health program.

By using this information without the approval of a licensed health professional, you are prescribing for yourself, as permitted by law, and you take full responsibility for the results.

These results may vary depending on individuals
Certain Internet sites associate zapper and serious illness.
It is not our role to make such assertions. 
Illness does not interest us.

We leave it to the experts of the unhealthy states.
We are only interested to feel better, which is highly subjective, and to get rid of as much “invaders” who drain our resources, as possible.  These invaders, who live at our expense, we name them under the generic name of “parasites”.

We experience the influence of the zapper effect
on these parasites, on a hypothetical and empirical basis,
which have nothing to do with medical or scientific rules.

Driven by... uC uC uC
Programs No No Yes : ALL
  =>  7-20 No No Yes
  =>  28-20 No No Yes
  =>  Deep Sleep No No Yes
Auto-Stop No Yes Yes
Frq = 30kHz 30kHz 30kHz 30kHz
Large Sweep Yes: 8k=>16k Yes: 8k=>16k Yes: 8k=>16k
Frq = 10kHz Yes Yes With 7.83Hz
Narrow Sweep Yes : 32Frq Yes : 64Frq Yes : 64Frq
Frq = 2.5kHz (Narrow Sweep) (Narrow Sweep) (Narrow Sweep)
Frq = 1kHz Yes Yes Yes
Frq =15Hz Yes Yes Yes
Frq = 7.83Hz Yes Yes Yes
11V reg No Yes Yes
Current source No Yes: 3.5mA Yes : 4 selections
Power - #2 ++++ +++++ +++++++
Battery's indicator 4 Levels 4 Levels
4 Levels
Output well connected Yes Yes Yes
Buzzer No No Yes
HH3 Handholds Yes Yes Yes
General Zapping Yes Yes Yes
Continuous Zapping Yes Yes Yes
Ready for plate zapping No Yes - #1
Yes - #1
Ready for Zappicator Yes - #1 Yes - #1 Yes - #1
Ready for Homeography No Yes - #1 Yes - #1
English manual Yes Yes Yes
Price FOB - Laval - Qc $97.00US $125.00US $207.00US
If $1.00US =~ 0.925Euro 90Euro 116Euro 192Euro
Applied Electronic to Well-Being and
The Dr. Hulda Clark's zapper

All our devices are delivered
WITHOUT batteries,
due to  postal restrictions

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