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This site is documented by: Antonio Gomez:
designer, happy user and distributor of the product line “Maestro-Zapper”.

In electronic field since 1973, A. Gomez has act as electronic teacher; production and
production engineering manager; project engineer in communications (RF, VHF, UHF);
technical drafting manager; electronic, PCB and packaging designer;
and many other functions, from assisting patent projects,
to delivering major turnkey projects in technical field.

A. Gomez focuses on electronic devices intended for well-being since the mid 80.

In 1993, he develops the AMI_ 10 and AMI_20 (Alpha-Mind-Inducer),
a CES (Cranial Electro-Stimulation) inducing altered states of consciousness.
Many of these AMI where used by people having sleep problems.

In 1995, he design the BB_60 (Brain-Booster using a uC) a “sound and light” electronic device
with 6 automatic programs, inducing too, altered states of consciousness.

In 2004, he hears about the “zapper”, and its “intriguing frequency".
He experiments this theory, which ultimately had little to do with frequencies,
for 2 years, until a family member with very serious illness,
accepts to try a zapper made out of an old AMI_10.
Results where surprisingly good.

He took then the decision to design a small zapper, putting in the line his quarter of a century
experience in control and electronic, to make the MZ1, MZ2, MZ6 family and MZ3, using a
micro-controller (uC), and the MZ4_TN, the MZ4 and MZ4R, using a 7555.

From all this experience, he removes from his mind everything who doesn’t looks or feels like
a zapper, and builds a micro- controller driven, ultra simple zapper, for everyday general use:
The MZ5 is born. This zapper was the smallest 2 frequency zapper in the world, using a micro-
controller, a sweep frequency and automatic stop, but it didn't catch the public attention, and
is no more on our catalog.

On the same vein, the KISS zapper uses a 555 and is the smallest 2 frequency zapper in the
world, with a very small price:  The perfect entry level zapper! , but it didn't catch the public
attention, and is no more on our catalog.

He continues to innovate in this field. 
His Sweep Frequencies approach is gaining more and more attention.
His last innovation, is an ingenious copper tube where the alligator clip can really hold.

Our informative website (Zapperwise) is dedicated mainly to "zappers of H.R.Clark” and we
seek to popularize their technical understanding.

"I feel being a zapper's designer, a curious zapper's user,
but certainly not a Zapper's "guru".

You can feel his experience in the use of frequencies,
almost on every zapper he builds.
Applied Electronic to Well-Being and
The Dr. Hulda Clark's zapper